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Puranium Energy is a uranium exploration company that is one of the largest and better positioned land owners with properties surrounding world-class uranium mines and deposits in the 3rd largest U3O8 producing country – Namibia. Led by a highly skilled team who have developed uranium assets in this region, Puranium has a goal of making an impact in the Clean Energy sector and delivering value to stakeholders.

About Us.

With the successful acquisition of seven (7) uranium properties in Namibia, Puranium Energy Ltd. (formerly Monterey Minerals Inc.) is one of the larger and better positioned landowners in the world’s top three (3) uranium producing countries, furthering the Company’s quest to make an impact in an ever evolving Clean Energy sector.


Puranium Energy has successfully acquired a significant Uranium Property Package in Namibia, giving us a 93,514 hectare footprint in the Erongo Province, Namibia, known as the “Uranium Province”.


Experienced management and advisors have successfully developed a uranium mine in the same region. Our team also has strong capital markets experience and on-the-ground technical advisors.


Uranium to be deemed “Green Energy”  by the European Union opening it up to significant long-term investment, consistent increase in global electricity demand while supply is dropping due to lack of re-investment.

Namibian Concessions.

Total of 93,514 Hectares

Namibia Concessions

Why Puranium.

Why Invest In Puranium


Our land package places us in the same regional geology as one of the largest and longest producing uranium mines in the world, the Rössing Mine. This region is host to several mines and numerous deposits that produces over 9 million pounds a year.


Our expert team has been exploring and developing uranium assets in this region for a long time and has extensive experience in the field.


As the world’s electricity demands increase, a shift to a cleaner fuel source is needed. Nuclear fuel provided by uranium is increasing in demand and the supply is decreasing due to lack of new producing mines.

The World Nuclear Association projects uranium demand to reach 206 million pounds in 2030 and supply to drop 50% by 2030 due to lack of investment in new mines.

Source: tradingeconomics.com

Investor Relations.

Puranium Energy Ltd. trades on the CSE: UX & FSE: 2DK

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